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Come and test ride and find out how a trike can put more fun in your life. We have 20 years experience and Victoria's biggest range of recumbent trikes, all in one test ride centre.

Speak to Michael to find the trike that is best for you.

Official Greenspeed Dealer
NEWS - Updated May 2013

MR Recumbent Trikes now on Facebook

Congratulations to the TRUBLU racing team on first place and new distance record for the 2013 Wonthaggi Human Powered Gran Prix

Congratulations to the TRUBLU racing team on first place in the Casey 6hr HPV race.

Congratulations to Frankston Primary School and Bendigo Catholic College for their high placings in the 2012 Energy Breakthrough with their TRUBLU trikes.

Congratulations to our adventurous customer Carol who has completed riding a MR Swagman trike through Tibet.

See pictures of customers adventures on their trikes at our new touring page

Congratulations to our customers Adam and Stephen on completing their world tour from Adelaide to Sweden on MR1 trikes - see their exploits at http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/worldtrike

MR SWAGMAN used as basis for successful electric commuting vehicle in Japan - check it out here, there, here, there and here

Congratulations to the TRUBLU racing team for their recent success at the Casey 6 hour and Wonthaggi Pedal Prixs

The TRUBLU trike is now available in both aluminium and cromoly versions. NEW Racing Trikes page.


To order a trike or to discuss your requirements contact MR COMPONENTS. After all a recumbent trike is a substantial investment and worth making sure that it will do exactly what you require. Some models are more suited to use on bikepaths as well as roads, some are manouverable but less suited to paths others more suited to the open road. A large variety of model types is available. Typically we have around 20 trikes on our showroom floor, so you can test ride and compare (most shops have only a couple to choose from!).

Electrically assisted models are also available as well as conversions to existing trikes. With our highly efficient current systems, a range of 100km's is achievable.

Email : michael@mrrecumbenttrikes.com
Phone : +61 3 59835886

A 25% deposit is required to place an Order, balance payable prior to shipping.
The delivery time varies widely between models, so please contact us to confirm.

Payment may be by electronic bank transfer or cheque.
VISA Or Mastercard are accepted but incur a 2.5% charge

To convert Australian dollars into your local currency go to http://www.xe.com

NEWS-MR Components/MR Recumbent Trikes is now producing 100% of its electricity by solar power.